the basics

Find an album of photos in Celerate and “play” it by swiping each photo up as soon as you recognize the person, place or event.  “See.  Say.  Swipe.”  If you hesitate for a few seconds, a clue will appear in the caption.  A few seconds after that, the full name will appear.  If you swipe before the first or second caption appears, you will earn a higher score for visual recognition.  Play the same album every day or so and track how your memory improves!

Note that photos are shown randomly.  Well, almost randomly.  The pictures that you are slow to recognize and swipe will come back more often.


Albums can be completely private and no one else will see the photos, or you can make an album “public” and other users of Celerate will be able to search or scan through public albums to play yours.  

Alternatively, you can make shared albums that are seen only by you and specific other people whom you invite.  Click on the three dots in a shared album to send a code to your friends or family.  We imagine families will use this feature to add new photos for parents.


As you play albums, you earn a high score of 5 points for each photo that you swipe before the first caption appears, 3 points if before the second caption, and 1 point if after the second caption/full name is displayed.  Points are accumulated for each album throughout the day.



You can add new photos to your personal albums and to albums that have been shared with you by friends and family.  It is safest to upload your own photos. 

If a photo is downloaded from a website and used in a public album, you must comply with US/International copyright laws.  The easiest option is to find the image on one of the royalty-free photo site such as Pexels.  If you want to learn more, about proper use of online photos, here’s one possible source: Photo Ethics.

Ideally photos are portrait – at least 1024 pixels high and 768 pixels wide.  You will be able to crop a photo when adding it to an album.


keep it clean

If you find objectionable images in any public album, please click on the three dots to let us know.  If indeed any photos are not appropriate for general audiences, we will either change the album from public to private, or in extreme cases will delete the material from our servers.